Wednesday, July 9, 2008

after 3 years...

3 years i have been left school.. 3 years i have been enjoying my university life.. and 3 years my secondary school, amc had lost the champion title to rps (the only school that can fight with amc in perak in netball field) in a premier cup netball competition.. if i am not mistaken, our school netball team has been the champion for this premier cup for 8 years continuously and my batch was the last year of getting the champion.. this year we put high hope on the players and hope to get back the champion title from rps.. early of this month, all the players were busy preparing themselves for the final vs rps.. amc's coach was busy finding the best combination for the whole team.. the coach had gave a lot efforts on it so that they can get back the title.. pressure from the surrounding make the players breath hardly.. and because of this, sweats and tears are the elements that accompanying them through out this few months..
on that early morning (5/7/08), the final between amc and rps was held in msn (a building in stadium ipoh).. there were a lot students from each school came to support their own team..

i will just highlight some of the things happened during the match..

  • one of our player injured 30 seconds after the match started.. ( clumsy is the word to describe that girl.. haha.. )
  • amc's coach argued with the referees due to some technical problems.. (it is about the score.. the referee was given extra time to the opponent team.. that time amc was leading 9 balls.. so no point for amc argue with the referee..)
  • a CUTE rps shooter (GS) had showed a 'cute' face to the amc (GK) when rps missed the ball.. (i am wondering whats wrong with the GS.. she should be up sad due to the mistake but she showed a silly action that time by showing her tongue out.. her action was making me and my friend laughed like hell at the side of the court.. haha.. too bad i didn't take the picture down..)
  • after 1 hour of playing, amc beat rps by the score 48-36.. (congratulation to the amc team.. although i know is a bit late.. and also to the coach.. she can finally have a good sleep that night i guess..)
  • all the seniors and the ex seniors played a 3/4 full court (because not enough people) after the match ended.. (this is because a senior came back from Australia didn't touch netball for a long time.. so other seniors became the victims to accompanied her for a 20 minutes short game..)
  • the funniest thing happened when a girl fall down when she was playing with another girl.. (the whole process is in my mind because i saw it.. from the moment she run till fall down.. haha.. the floor was shaking that time i guess.. haha..)
  • every year, the premier final is like a gathering for all the ex seniors.. they will come and support the team if they are free.. so hope we will meet next year again..
  • all the best to the team and hope that they can be the national champion..

shaking hands between the 2 teams players (game ended)

amc's coach was arguing with the referees

the loyal supporters (which included some of the ex seniors)

the silly girl fall down.. the earth was shaking that time.. haha..

proud of you all.. good job..