Wednesday, February 24, 2010


although there are 15 days for CNY

but to me, CNY is already come to the end when i went back to UNITEN..
this year CNY is not the same as previous years..
no open house and yet angpau also lesser..
actually during CNY, i will be busy follow my parents go to his friends' open house..
almost every night at least 1 friend..
sometimes even need to rush for 3 houses in 1 night..
adult will gamble, drink alcohol (but not for my parents), chit chat there..
while the children will just sit aside or play with other children..
for my age,
no more playing around..
so i will only sit in front of the tv with my younger sis..
watch some show to pass our time..
when im getting older,
i dun feel like follow my parents go anymore..
i feel its kind of boring..
so i rather stay at home..
or i just go there for a while to show my face to them and drive back after that..
it makes me get less angpau too..
but the amount of angpau to me is no longer an important issue..
still rmb last time,
every year we will compare the angpau money that we get among siblings..
and now i quit from the 'competition' d..
this year angpau money is the least after so many years..
this year CNY,
my mum's side relative organized a steamboat party..
the organizer paid the expenses but me and my cousin need to go and get all the stuff..
i never been to PASAR for many many years d..
and this CNY i went there early in the morning..
not bad..
at least there was 1 day i woke up early.. haha..
the steamboat session started at 6pm and ended at 1am..
more than 40 ppl gathered at my uncle's house but still the food cannot finish..
in the meantime, there were few gamble activities going on..
sambil gamble, sambil makan..
it was fun.. haha..
preparing the stuff ald make us busy for half day,
and yet cleaning was the most headache part..
but luckily there were helpers standby.. thank god..
at 1st, my aunt wanna treat us a dinner in a restaurant..
but still i guess this kind of party gave us more fun..
other than family gathering,
CNY also a time for a bunch of friend to gather up..
and this year,
i went for a so called my form 3 class gathering..
but when i reached there..
there was only 1 my f3 classmate..
others was from other class..
feel like being tipu by my friend d..
but nvm,
i had fun with them too..
after left school,
i never got the chance to meet all of them..
annual netball gathering,
cant make it for the dinner
but went there for a short photo session..
keep in track with some of my seniors..
and yet im not surprise that netball players can be so noisy and crazy.. haha..
last but not least,
a friend's open house that i actually only know few people there..
but as usual crapping can just make the time passed faster..
manage to meet a few friends there..
and photo session is a MUST.. haha..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

teenagers nowadays..

before CNY knock at my door,
AI test 1 will be knocking at my door tomorrow.
so today i went to KFC serdang to study while jason was waiting for his night classes..
when we were studying without any noise,
suddenly a bunch of teenagers came in..
half of them was wearing school uniform while the other half were not..

i guess the average age for them will be around 15 years old..
but some of them looks like form 1 or form 2 to me..
there was a guy among the gang had attracted my attention..
his hair is in purple color..
wonder how he can enter the school with this hair..
they first went in the mini playground at the corner..
everyone should know that,
the playground is for kids below 12 years old..
but they sat down and chit chat there..
(guess thats the reason the public playground can be spoil easily..)
a male kfc worker went in and asked them to come out..
he stared at the purple hair guy cause he moved 1 of the ceiling wood until out of position..
after the KFC worker went off,
the purple hair guy straight make a call..
'wei, free ah?? wanna beat people anot?? come KFC serdang..'
i heard this sentence and i was like..
what the.. just a stare and need to beat ppl..
i know he beh soong..
but how he react scared me..
a young teenager can give such a react when ppl just give a simple stare..
and yet they did wrong in the 1st place..
after that, the way they talk to each other was 'outstanding'..
the way they describe everything will add with some fault words..
even me cant come out all that but it seems this is their way to communicate..
even for girls that just look like 14 years old to me..
a bunch of teenagers is just like a gang of gangster to me..
the world is really changing..
you need to respect people that older than you,
but you also need to be very careful with the teenagers nowadays..
if not,
u might just beat by unknown ppl out of sudden..
but in the end,
i guess the 'brother' was not free..
so the KFC worker should be safe..