Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heart pain!

1 year and 4 months ago, i have decided to stay at ipoh for work..

no high salary..
not much benefits..
not the field that i wanted to go in..
but still i'm here due to 1 reason..
especially my grandma..
wanted to spend more time with her..
in this 1 year and 4 months,
the time that i spent at home is not what i expected..
i tend to do more OT than i expected due to work load..
i only get to see my grandma in the weekend due to she slept before i get back home
and wake up after i went work..
Honestly, this 1 year and 4 months i learned very fast and alot..
due to the stress and pressure which i cannot afford to be slow..
good thing?? maybe..
but the stress and pressure getting more and more when i stay longer..
turn over rate here is very high which make the current engineers stressful..
especially the working environment in my dept..
no doubt, engineer is really like an 'anjing liar'..
thats y 1 month ago,
i decided to leave..
to continue my learning in different place..
to step out from the comfort zone, family..
try to be independent..
i not sure what is the environment in my new company..
worst than current company??
more stressful than current company??
i cant even save more when i away from ipoh..
but i just dun feel like staying in this company anymore..
few days ago,
my grandma accidently fell down and fractured her bone..
she cannot walk for now..
no appetite to eat..
suffer in pain..
which make my heart pain whenever i see her now..
she admitted hospital yesterday..
Now i wonder,
do i make the right choice to leave now?
should i away from home now??
I have no idea..
sleepless for few nights..
what can i do now??