Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1st day of work..

2day is my 1st day of my real life working..

but the feeling was like the time when i just entered uniten..
registration and orientation..
sitting at the same place for whole day..
listening to different speakers gave briefing on something that are common sense and something that we have no idea what it is about..
whole day i still no idea what my job scope or real working place will be..
the curiosity is still deep in my heart..
yesterday night although i slept early,
but i cannot slept well..
throughout the night,
i kept waking up..
my brain keep on flashing on what my working life will be..
i nervous and worry..
cause i will be in a new environment..
last time during intern,
i still can countdown when these kind of life will end,
but now??
how should i countdown??
55 years old??
and now i just 23 years old..
32 years more??
years... is not days.. or months..
although it seems endless now,
but still i will try to enjoy my working life..
its not the way u look at it,
but is the way u go trough it..
I noticed a very big difference between my intern and real working life..
which is when im back home,
my mum home cook foods are already on the table waiting for me..
this kind of feeling is so sweet..
maybe im stupid enough to reject a 3.6k salary work in kl,
but i think im smart enough to choose to based in ipoh where my family is around me..
all my friends,
enjoy ur working life or your holiday life..
and to the crazy gang,
cant wait to see you all in phuket d...
take care ya.. hehe..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Coming up...

since i am going to settle my thesis soon and i will be back to ipoh this week..

so i guess i got time to update my long lost blog..
stay tune for my latest update..