Thursday, November 6, 2008


in my life, i can see that i will always 'accidently' make my friends got into some problem due to my childish action.. honestly, im a playful person when i am in mood.. and of course almost all of the time i am in my mood unless there are something in my mind.. i always cant stop myself from doing silly things.. sometime i just like to do something without thinking about the effect that it might bring to myself or others.. when i want to do means i will do.. what i mean the things that i will do is silly thing and not something serious.. yesterday because of my wrong direction, i make my friend's car met some kind of small accident.. (as what bh said, it canot said as an accident, so should i call it as 'car spoilt'.. watever.. ) and i really felt guilty about that.. sorry to you again.. after that i was having dinner with my friends and all of them were making fun of me by saying that it was my fault to make the car like this.. i know they are just joking and what they said just for fun and didn't bring any meaning (obviously not blaming me) but then i dunno why, i felt all that were true.. i felt every word they said was correct.. so my guilty feeling came out again that time and my tears just came out like that.. since young, i don't understand why.. i very easy to cry in case u all dunno.. don't see me always crazy here and there but then actually my tears will just come out although its nothing much to cry off.. don't believe it?? haha.. u can ask some of my good friends and also my netball friends in secondary school.. so yesterday im really ok.. but then tears just wana come out maybe because i felt guilty.. but not because what you all said k?? im sorry if i make u all worried.. tears ah tears, can u don't simply come out at the wrong time.. haha.. again.. SORRY.. and to that gang of friends, thankz for helping out.. gambateh in the last paper ya..

Monday, November 3, 2008

wu liao??

i still left 3 more papers then i can shout to the world "MERDEKA MERDEKA MERDEKA".. malaysia independent's day just one year once.. but mine 1 year at least 3 times.. haha.. everytime having final i will looking forward for final to end and start my holiday.. now oso the same.. but i know.. when im having the holiday i will feel boring staying at home.. life in uni is always better than ipoh.. but then sure i enjoy spending my time with my family oso.. i can always eat my mum home cook food.. wow.. now tink of it oso feel hungry d.. hehe.. this sem pass really fast.. and alots of things happened oso.. got happy and unhappy.. unhappy i tink i ald overcome it.. n happy things, i will always keep tat in my heart.. although i always did some silly things accidently and my friends wil always laugh at me.. but i feel tats oso a kind of way to build our friendship.. im a good joker i guess tats y i can always entertain my friends.. and of coz is u lah.. always laugh at me.. and stop saying bout how powerful my mouth is k?? if my mouth really so powerful then i no nd stuck in uniten n study d.. haha.. just wu liao-ing here.. wana go sleep d.. tmr stil need to camp in library to prepare for my coming paper.. all the best to all my friends ya.. jia you..