Thursday, April 28, 2011

Am i stress? I'm lost!

Since long time i never update anything in my blog.

A blog that accompany me during my university life..
A blog that shares all my feeling with my friends..
A blog that let me release all my happiness, sadness, excitement and etc..
Life getting different when i step inside working environment..
Not a life that i can control like previously..
I can score well if i study well..
But i might not do well in working place although i hardworking..
There is still something lacking that i cannot figure what it is at this moment..
I'm trying hard, really hard to get used to this working life..
I'm trying my best, very best to do well in the work that need to be done..
I'm trying my best to learn more technical stuff to gain own knowledge..
I'm trying, I'm trying and I'm trying..
Sometimes i feel tired to keep on trying..
Can i just give up and live the way i want?
I can't..
Cause i cannot even pass my own heart's wall..
I always hope that i can just relax like others people..
But i can't convince myself to do that..
Why i cannot?
I started to have nightmare about my work during my sleeping time..
I started to fall sick more often than previous..
I started to have headache and gastric in regular basis.
Am I stress? What should i do? I'm lost!!!