Monday, July 13, 2009

my prayer point comes true..

3 months of internship,
i missed all the church sunday service..
my new sem started last week,
so yesterday i went to church for sunday service..
the service has changed to different time d..
but i still can woke up and went to church after such a long time..
my worries for last 2 months has finally flied away..
HE answered my prayer point today..
and i really excited and happy bout this..
HE never give up me although im not faithful enough to HIM..
thankz Father God..
i pray that..............................

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Final Year Project...

basically when our batch students entered uni in this new sem..

everyone is busy searching lecturers for fyp..
and i did the same thing also for 2 days..
in the end i gave up..
is really hard to meet uniten's lecturers..
or is because we really no fate..
went to find them for whole days,
din even see their shadow..
damn it..
mayb i should not give up..
but i no idea what to do..
put my faith to GOD and just give a click on thurs??
will i get whatever title tat i wish to??
i doubt i can do that...
i tried to search on9 what i title i can do..
but i dunno where to start..
really no idea bout what telecommunication's title i can do for my fyp..
i really need help..
if u got any idea bout telecommunication field's title,
plz leave a comment here..
after tues,
still no idea,
then my last year of uni life can only depends on thurs..
pray that HE can give me the direction that i should follow..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

last year to go..

time flies..

last year of my degree is just started 4 days ago..
life is unpredictable now..
but what i do now will indirectly influence my future..
what can i do then?
i have no idea..
alot uncertainties are waiting for me in front..
i doubt i can do it..
i need more strength..
there are alot worries in my mind now..
and no solutions for all at this time..
so what mind set shud i have now??
i have no idea again..