Saturday, December 27, 2008

christmas < today < new year

this year christmas,

no big countdown party,

no big crowd to celebrate with,

but this year was the greatest christmas for me..


with a special person beside me..

wonderful for me but i know there are other people suffered in another corner in that day..

life really unpredictable..

what we think will happen might have changes in the last second..

can't blame anyone for that..

cause thats our life..

we live for it..

we have to obey the laws of our LIFE..

life full with uncertainty..

we will not know what is going happen in the next minute..

i will cherish whatever things i have now..

so that i will not regret in the future..

i hope all my friends will have the same thought as me..

take care..

Saturday, December 13, 2008


after half day of shopping, my leg is going to patah d.. so can anyone out there help me call for an ambulance?? thankz.. honestly, i hate shopping.. to me, shopping is like wasting money, energy and time.. i will only shopping once in a year, tats for chinese new year ni.. tats all.. but tis time i not only shop for chinese new year but act for quite an important dinner to me.. i respect this dinner coz i wana give a good imej to them.. feel quite nervous for the date to come act.. haha.. lately really eat alots and i tink im getting fatter n fatter d.. die loh.. cny is cuming soon d.. i need to keep fit so that i can eat more in cny mah.. hehe.. but b4 cny, there stil got christmas and new year.. im wondering how am i going to spend tis 2 days... haha.. looking forward to it.. ok... now lets talk about studies.. OMG.. i got 5 assignments pending and i duno where to start.. in other word shud b no mood to start.. but due to 15/12/08 need to pass up, so tmr i have to finish it.. partial sum.. time to start work d.. u not in honey moon year anymore.. haha..

Monday, December 1, 2008

holiday ends...

so fast 3 weeks of holiday come to the end.. erm.. actually not really fast coz the feeling of missing someone make the time past slower i guess.. hehe.. during this holiday, my old friends came and visit me.. there are 'mr.cough', 'mr.flu' and 'mr.fever'.. there are memang good friends, stayed around me to make my life 'happier'.. missed a lots of nice food bcoz of them.. haiz.. but luckily now just left 1 friend with me - 'mr.cough', if not yday i cannot eat william's food.. william's is a high class mamak stall in kl ( as wat mr. CEG told me.. hehe..) the food there are all in big portion.. i cant finish my dish yday although im very hungry.. but there are sum guys that can really finish the whole plate of food.. *clap hand*.. when im having final, actually im looking forward for holidays.. but during holiday i wish to go back uni asap.. coz i know that now my life no longer the same as before in uni.. there is someone always teman me, take care of me, care bout me all the time.. thankz alotz.. i will always by ur side also.. i promise.. hehe.. since im bek to uni and i can on9 everyday, so i wil upload more blogs.. so stay tune.. haha.. all my friends, welcome bek to uniten..