Friday, November 27, 2009

problems here and there.. SOS..

Few days ago my house's LCD monitor ACER, fried..

ACER had been part of our family since 5 years ago..
Its time for it to retire and LG will take it's job..
The next day,
Me and my dad went to Yik Foong (consider Ipoh's low yat) to survey for a new LCD monitor..
After 1.5 hours walking here and there,
We make our mind to bring LG model W1943s home..
18.5 inch cost my dad rm385..
I think its good enough for a normal usage..
In the same time,
My uncle asked me to help him buy a webcam..
Why my uncle so hightech?
He started to touch computer, on9, sign up msn account, webcam now..
He miss his son who now studying in kuching..
He wanted to see his son is getting
darker? (as usual)
more handsome? (i doubt)
In conclusion,
All because he miss his son..
I know nothing about webcam,
So i just simply buy one..
Genius iSlim 320 for rm69..
I'm not sure worth it or not.. (hehe..)
Since my cousin not here,
So i have to help him to install it on his PC..
i thought it will be very easy..
Just plug in and play..
But something went wrong..
I can use in my house's PC and my own laptop
But cannot use in his laptop..
Where go wrong?
I dunno..
With asking around and try and error..
2day finally i managed to install it successfully...
But after settle one problem..
Another 2 problem pop out..
My PPS tv cannot use..
Try and error again..
Managed to solve it..
*clap again"
LAST but Not least.. ( I hope so)
my MSN account..
cant log in..
Guess someone hacked in my account..
Change the password will solve the problem..
I forgot about the secure answer..
Try and error now again..
Hope i really can figure out the answer correctly..
Capital letter or not will influence the answer??
Anyone can tell me this?
Or anyone know any others way to save my account..
I will appreciate a lot for the help..
Pray hard God will Guide me through out this..
Oh ya,
my holiday going to finish in 2 days time..
Time to start my last sem of my degree..
Last 4 months to go..
I will do my best so that i can convert the PTPTN loan to scholarship..

till then..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


2day is a special day for me..
365 days..
it seems long but with you beside me..
it doesn't matter..
and i hope for more and more 365 days to go..
although there were not fully 365 days happiness..
sadness are no longer visit me that often..
sometimes i am emo..
sometimes i am childish..
sometimes i am serious..
sometimes i am silly..
no matter how i act..
u will never give me a sour face..
your smile always touches my heart..
you are kind of blur..
you are kind of careless..
you are kind of poor in direction..
you are patience..
you are good temper..
this is who you are..
the one that always beside me..
due to my busy schedule of training..
its hard for us to have a great celebration..
but as long as we spend time together..
i still feel it is sweet and happy..
my words are not good in describing my feeling..
but just wanna tell you that..
i actually care you more than i showed..