Sunday, May 25, 2008

21st birthday celebration..

the 1st birthday celebration for my 21st birthday should be on wed nite.. a few of my church's friends bought a cake n celebrate with me after our care group end.. but then there was something happen before the celebration.. i dropped my wallet at my apartment's car park.. luckily the guard found it.. thank god.. the guard told my friend that she seldom ronda around our apartment but that night she suddenly felt boring and went for ronda.. n my wallet is in dark blur color.. it is not easy to notice tis kind of color in a car park which just a few lamp pole around.. i really thank god for that.. cant imagine with what mood i will celebrate my birthday if i lost my wallet that day.. after the first celebration, is time to shift to my gang of celebration d.. actually i know they wanna celebrate my birthday earlier with me since i am going back to ipoh on the next day.. since wed morning i was so worry.. for your info, my gang of friends not as simple as you all think.. they can sot until very ABNORMAL.. so i was worry my own safety condition since i know they will celebrate for me.. but then i know i cant run away so i have to accept it.. 1st program, watch movie.. the movie was really nice because the actress are all my buddies of course including me.. i hope they wont kill me when they see this.. the movie title are "Cinderella" and "3 pigs and a wolf".. whoever watch it before will know what i mean lah.. sorry to the 4 actress inside.. i don't mean it gah.. my friend steal the movie from my external hardisk.. after tat, was ghost movie.. i think it was a boring movie actually cause not scary at all.. the only person who feel scare i think is botak koo only.. hehe.. the game had just started after the movie section ends. our "favorite" game, AIYA BOMBA.. all the "enemy" of mine were fighting to sit beside me so that they can balas dendam.. i was tried not to say so much thing that night so that i wont b the victim and my strategy plan was successful and thank to derrick.. he had took my place and keep saying something that make ppl aim him as the victim.. haha.. so i was safe that night.. erm.. maybe i should say not as bad as i think.. the leg still bengkak but at least i still can walk the next day.. hehe.. since 2.45am got champions league's final so we need to end this section earlier.. cake was out and time to feel the "pain" d... as usual, i was asked to take out the candle from the cake (luckily flour become more expensive, no cake to play for them.. haha.. )but then 3 bottle of cream were ready to attack me.. my hair, face, legs and hands were fulled with cream.. i washed my hair for 5 times and body for 4 times only can wash away all the cream.. haiz.. after that, we went to mamak stall watched the final.. manu won by penalty.. it was a great game.. terry was so unlucky to miss the penalty.. i support chelsea but then i was happy that ronaldo missed the penalty kick.. haha..
on 23 of may, i received a lot msg, calls that wish me happy birthday.. thankz to all of my friends.. i wanted to list all ur names out here but it will take a long time so u know who you are lah.. thankz again.. theng treat me sushi on fri afternoon.. that was my 2nd time eat sushi in sushi king.. hehe.. but really had fun with her.. at night, went for dinner with my family.. we went to simpang pulai there fo our dinner.. the food there was quite nice.. but then got a bit sound pollutions.. (thats the disadvantage of having karaoke in restaurant) hehe.. after the dinner, went home for cake n photo section.. my parents gave me a necklace as 21st birthday present.. honestly, this is the 1st time my parents gave me birthday present.. haha.. cant believe leh.. but its true.. hehe.. sat night, went to meet my exclassmates.. had fun chatting with them.. alotz memories came out that night.. now all busy with own life so its hard to meet actually.. my secondary life become meaningful and memorable because of this gang of friend.. thankz my friends.. waiting for another gathering ya.. haha..
thats how i spent my weekend in ipoh.. actually it looks nothing but it means alot to me.. tis year is a special year for me.. everyone out there, i can enter casino d.. haha.. thankz again for everthing..